Canadian Reggae Music Awards 14th Annual 1997

This last week has been a very fulfilling one for me. Some of you already know that I was nominated for Top Reggae Radio Deejay at this year's Canadian Reggae Music Awards. The great news is that, even though I didn't win that award, I was presented the Peter Tosh Memorial Award for my many years of dedication and service to the Reggae community in Canada. That, my friends, is a true and wonderful honour. I feel so high I could touch the sky!

The icing on the cake came in a front page article in the local daily titled "Reggae DJ honoured for being 'a bit of a rebel' in Royal City". [The name Guelph comes from a royal Italian house.] In the article I'm described as "part of a group of enthusiasts, music labels, media people and artists called Regae Ambassadors Worldwide".

One of the campus newspapers ran a congratulatory article under the banner "Outstanding Beats: CFRU's Nicky Dread shines at the Canadian Reggae Music Awards". In it I say that Peter Tosh "taught me to see the real person and that you don't have to have locks to be a dread".

Much respect to all who have shared parts of this musical and cultural journey. Special thanks go to all the small, independent labels and aspiring artists who go to extra effort to service Canadian media who keep on promoting Reggae music.

Nicky Dread (RAW #324)


Here are the complete results for the 14th Annual Canadian Reggae Music Awards:

Canadian Artists

Top Reggae Newcomer (Female) - Candice
Top Reggae Newcomer (Male) - Junior Alexander
Top Reggae Band - High Energy
Top Reggae Dancehall Style DJ (Female) - Lady Luscious
Top Reggae Dancehall Style DJ (Male) - Major P.
Top Reggae Singer (Female) - Nana McLean
Top Reggae Singer (Male) - Jimmy Reid
Top Reggae Producer - Ray Hammond
Top Reggae Album - Nice And Slow / Leroy Brown
Top Reggae Single - Teach The Youths / Daddy Rusty

Top Soca/Calypso Album - Are You Listening / Elsworth James
Top Soca/Calypso Single - Hail Minister Farrakhan / Elsworth James

International Artists

Top Reggae Album - Inna Heights / Buju Banton
Top Reggae Single - Sweep Over My Soul / Luciano

Awards of Merit

Cdn Award of Merit - Lynn Taitt
Intl Award of Merit - Joe Gibbs

Peter Tosh Memorial Award - Nicky Dread, CFRU-FM, Guelph, ON
Bob Marley Memorial Award - Delroy G, CHRY-FM, Toronto, ON

Canadian Reggae Industry Awards

Top Reggae Record Store - Treasure Isle
Top Reggae Live Club - Bamboo Club
Top Reggae Dance Club - Cuttys
Top Reggae Radio DJ - Luther Brown

As part of the Awards show there were performances by a number of artists, including Screwdriver, Johnny P and Pinchers. Canadian performers included Donna Makeda, Jimmy Reid, Kwabena Reuben & Selassie I Power, Candice, and the High Energy Band.

For more information contact The Canadian Reggae Music Awards, PO Box 2278, Station C, Downsview, ON, M3N 2T1, CANADA.

A luta continua!

“Nicky Dread” Taylor,
Crooked Beat Productions.

27 March 1998.

Posted: Fri - December 12, 2003 at 01:33 PM