'Scratch' on his Grammy win

By CHAOS, Freelance Writer

'Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Carlington Wilmot

LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY was ebullient about his Reggae Grammy win last Sunday, and expressed his views about the win and the rationale behind his absence at the Madison Square Garden, New York event in an exclusive interview with THE STAR .

As to his absence, he said; "I promised God not to go to the 'city of doom' for the next ten years. I will not bless the city of doom," he said, chuckling.

Speaking from his Zurich, Switzerland home, Perry's voice was full of strangled laughter as he spoke. "My music is no longer reggae, it is 'Eggae'. In darkest night and brightest day, there will no longer be reggae, only 'Eggae'. Black magic has fallen, the 'beat' (a reference to Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's Downbeat sound system) is cramped and paralyzed forever...," Perry said, safely esconsced in his own universe.

Perry won the 'Best Reggae Album' Grammy Award at the 45th annual Grammy Awards for his 2002 CD Jamaican E.T. . "Beware of what you buy and take to your house," he warned, "The people choose E.T. , eternal life, Bob Marley die, Peter Tosh die, so don't buy ... music or you will die."

As the interview got progressively stranger, Perry stated "The people say Lee 'Scratch' Perry shall get the award and Freddie McGregor shall wait forever in the United States. I didn't do any nose lift like Michael Jackson, I wish my fans to be rich like me. I'm not supporting any black magic, my queen name is the original Snow White."

As to how he is going to receive his Grammy, given the fact that he has no intention of going anywhere near New York City, Perry gleefully stated "I'm glad Jamaican E.T. did it, but they have to mail it. I have the Muslims at the tip of my swords, I have them puzzled, my enemies bedazzled, I am George Bush number one enemy ." The relevance of the latter two statements somewhat managed to elude THE STAR .

"Out of reggae come stress, 'Eggae' come to heal, to make the poor rich. I'm coming back to Kingston to save Kingston. I am the sheriff to get the rebels arrested and executed. The rebels are... the 12-Tribe whose God is coke, drinking devil's soup which is the rum."

Much more coherent was his adoring wife Mirielle, who told THE STAR that "I am so happy. I knew that he would win, I was screaming when he won." Due to the time difference, the couple did not find out about the win until yesterday, when sometime Perry collaborator the Mad Professor called them with the news. "He didn't want to go because of the (proposed) war (on Iraq). We are happy, we are smiling," she said, the joy evident in her voice.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry closed with a warning for George W. Bush. "Whatever he do, he will feel," he declared, and then laughed gleefully as the interview came to an end.