Reggae Juno Awards

Yearly Summary
Best Reggae Recording      1994-2002
1994 - Best Reggae Recording
      Child Support/Inspector Lenny (K.C. Music Group)
     Informer/Snow (east/west/Warner)
      Love And Affection/Tanya Mullings (Two Lyn)
      Save The Children/Leejahn (Menage A Trois)
      Secret Admirer (Ooh Boy I Love You So)/DJ Ray (ISBA/Sony)
1995 - Best Reggae Recording
      A Love Thang/Tanya Mullings (Famous)
      Class and Credential/Carla Marshall (Chaos/Columbia/Sony)
      Lazah Current/Lazah Current (Lazer)
      Smokin' The Goat/One (Virgin/EMI)
      The Sound/Fujahtive (Come Down/Cargo)
1996 - Best Reggae Recording
      Now And Forever/Sattalites (Childsplay)
      Real Personal/Tanya Mullings (Twolyn)
      Si Wi Dem Nuh Know We/Snow (EastWest/Warner)
      Something Real/Lazo (Ras/Denon)
      Waking Up The Dream/Errol Blackwood (Blade Music)
1997 - Best Reggae Recording
      Just the Other Night/Lenn Hammond (Fiwi/Frame)
      Nana McLean/Nana McLean (Penthouse)
      Rise Up!/Kali and Dub (Boom Shot/Festival)
      Rude Boy on the Bus/Adrian Miller (Dark Light/Denon)
      time bomb/Tatix (Tatix Muzik)
1998 - Best Reggae Recording
      Flex (Dancehall Mix)/Belinda (Ariola/BMG)
      Nice & Slow/Leroy Brown (IMAJ)
      Cry For The Children/Jahbeng (NVN)
      Catch De Vibe/Messenjah (Earth One)
      Justuss/Snow (eastwest/Warner)
1999 - Best Reggae Recording
      The Original/DJ Ray (Isba/Dep)
      Chains And Shackles (Radio Edit)/Inspector Lenny (Fierce/Vision)
      Glorious Ride/Lazah Current (Lazer Records/Trend)
      The Way I Feel/Mystics (Quest KRU/Tropical)
      Vision/Frankie Wilmot (I.M.A.J. Music Group)
2000 - Best Reggae Recording
      Hard End/The Luge Sessions (O'Luge/'Nuff)
      Heart & Soul/Lazo (Y.T. Records)
      Sometimes/Choices (Choices/Kings of Kings)
      Thanks and Devotion/Willi Williams (Drum Street)
      What If I Told You/Andru Branch (Kingston Muzik/Tabou 1)
2001 - Best Reggae Recording
      Dem Need More Love/Tasha T (High Steps)
      Jonah/Jason Wilson & Tabarruk (Wheel)
      Lenn Hammond/Lenn Hammond (FIWI/'Nuff Ent.)
      Love Is On Your Side/Lazo (Y.T.)
      Secret Emotion/Jimmy Reid (Twolyn)
2002 - Best Reggae Recording
      Breathe/Sonia Collymore (XeS Music)
      Never Let Jah Go/Chester Miller (Jah Mix)
      Love (African Woman)/Blessed (Spragga Roots Records)
      A Friend for Life/Iley Dread (Kings of Kings/'Nuff)
      They Called Me Madness/Peculiar I
2003 - Reggae Recording of the Year
Gifted Man / Belinda Brady feat. Carla Marshall (Virgin/EMI)
Heartache / Mr. Leroy Brown (DMI)
You Won't See Me Cry / Sonia Collymore (Fiwi/XeS)
She Boom / Kulcha Connection (ISBA/BMG)
Two Hands Clapping / Snow (Virgin/EMI)

Yearly Summary
Best World Beat Recording      1992-1993
1992 - Best World Beat Recording
      Hai Musik/Anoosh (Himma Hoss)
      Innu/Kashtin (Groupe Concept/ Musicor)
      Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band/Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Flying Bulgar Records)
      The Gathering/Various Artists (Attic World/Attic)
      Till The Bars Break/Various Artists (Irresistible/Maya Revolutionary/Cargo)
1993 - Best World Beat Recording
      All Over The World/Sattalites (Intrepid/EMI)
      Invisible Minority/Salvador Ferreras (Aural Tradition)
      Listen To The World/Kaleefah (KC Records/Attic/A&M)
      The Prodigal Son/Show-Do-Man (Makula Prod.)
      Spirits Of Havana/Jane Bunnett (Denon/CBC Radio)

Yearly Summary
Best Reggae/Calypso Recording      1985-1991
1985 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Camboulay Dub/Mojah
      Higher Love/Syren
      Trade Winds '84/Trade Winds
      Heaven Must Have Sent You/Liberty Silver & Otis Gayle
1986 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Free South Africa/Jayson
      Moonlight Lover/Ras Lee
      Night Rider/Messenjah
      No One Can Love Me Like You Do/George Banton
      Revolutionary Tea Party/Lillian Allen
1987 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Chant, Chant/Errol Blackwood (Jahmaker)
      Crazy/Messenjah (Version)
      Empty Promises/Adrian Miller (Bridge)
      Live Via Sattalites/Sattalites (Axe)
      Mean While/Leroy Sibbles (Attic)
1989 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Conditions Critical/Lillian Allen (Verse To Vinyl)
      Give Peace A Chance/Errol Blackwood (Wax Works Prods.)
      I Like Calypso/Elsworth James (Crash)
      Shedrock/Chester Miller (Metro Sounds)
      War On Drugs/Devon Haughton (S.I.G.H.T. Prods.)
1990 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Soca Band/Elsworth James (Soca Village)
      Tribute To Ben Johnson/Elsworth James (Soca Village)
      Chuckie Prophesy/Clifton Joseph (Verse To Vinyl)
      Too Late To Turn Back Now/Sattalites (Risque Disque/WEA)
      South Africa Is A Disgrace/Leroy Sibbles (S.I.G.H.T.)
1991 - Best Reggae/Calypso Recording
      Broken Arrow/Mojah (Verse To Vinyl)
      Eyes Like Fire/Leroy Sibbles (Eppic)
      Rock And Sway/Messenjah (Kick-Up)
      Soldiers We Are All/Jayson & Friends (J.B.S.)
      Wild Jockey/Jackie Mitoo (Jakki)

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