UK Charts May 1996

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Subject: CHART: British Reggae (Echoes) - notice
Date: 12 May 96 15:23:17 EDT

Hi All!

Sorry again, but neither last week's nor this week's ECHOES has arrived yet. Postal delivery times are usually quite reliable, but there were a number of public holidays in Britain & Germany last week (I really hope that's the cause!!), so be patient!

Meanwhile I'll post the following charts:
1. The JetStar Top 10, as broadcast by DJ Goldfinger last Saturday. JetStar
is Britain's largest specialist Reggae distributor (although it has lost
the exclusive rights for its largest label Greensleeves earlier this year).
As their chart is produced in-house it records only records distributed by
JetStar, and therefore differs rather a lot from the Echoes chart.
2. Billboard US Reggae CD Sales Top 15
3. Three charts from Merton McKenzie's Dancehall Reggae Web-site:



10 YOU'LL NEVER FIND Robbie Valentine (Mafia & Fluxy)
8 JAH WILL NEVER LET ME DOWN Robbie Valentine (?)
7 A DI CHRONIC Top Cat (Nine Lives)
6 TRUE FRIENDS Neville Morrison (Fashion)
5 REPATRIATION Cocoa Tea (Xterminator)
4 THERE'S NO LIVING WITHOUT YOU Frankie Paul (white)
3 SHAKE YOUR BOODY Mikey Spice & Shaggy (Greensleeves)
2 BLESS MY SOUL / I FEEL SECURE Freddie McGregor & Flourgon (Big Ship)
1 YOU LIE Leroy Mafia (Cousin)


Copyright 1996, Billboard (11.05.1996)
1."Boombastic," Shaggy (Virgin)
2."Natural Mystic," Bob Marley & The Wailers (Tuff Gong)
3."`Til Shiloh," Buju Banton (Loose Cannon)
4."The Best of -- Volume Two," UB40 (Virgin)
5."The Best of -- Volume One," UB40 (Virgin)
6."Scent of Attraction," Patra (550 Music)
7."Bad Boys," Inner Circle (Big Beat) (Platinum)
8."Prophecy," Capleton (African Star)
9."Resistance," Big Mountain (Giant)
10."Tougher Than Love," Diana King (Work) (Gold)
11."Free Like We Want 2 B," Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers (Elektra)
12."Strictly the Best Volume 15," various artists (VP)
13."Real Ting," Mad Lion (Weeded)
14."Strictly the Best Volume 16," various artists (VP)
15."A Mi Shabba," Shabba Ranks (Epic)


Jamaica Top Twenty
1(7) Hol You Tonite General Degree
2(4) Ole Galis Merciless
3(2) Man A Soldier Leroy Smart
4(5) Suicide Murder Bounty Killer
5(3) Ole Dog Beenie Man
6(6) Lotto Balloon
7(7) Maestro Beenie Man
8(9) Bad Inna New Clothes General B
9(10) Benz And Bimmer Bounty Killer
10(12) Badmind Capleton
11(8) Condom Lady Saw
12(15) Nuff Gal Beenie Man
13(11) Fed Up Bounty Killer
14(13) Machine Gun Kelly Spragga Benz
15(14) Si Mi Yah Beenie Man
16(19) Fire Pon Rome Anthony B
17(16) You Gotta Be Spanner Banner
18(17) Love Truly Genuine Leroy Smart
19(18) Hop Along Mega Banton
20(20) It's All Over Buju Banton

New York Top Ten
1(1) Ole Dog Beenie Man
2(2) Bad Boy Buju Banton
3(3) Aint Nobody Diana King
4(4) Thank You Chevelle Franklin / Lady G
5(5) Badmind Capleton
6(6) Emptiness Wayne Wonder
7(7) I Shall Be Released Leroy Sibbles
8(8) Fed Up Bounty Killer
9(10) Benz And Bimmer Bounty Killer
10(N) Taxi Ambelique

Miami Top Ten
1(1) Ol' Dog Beenie Man
2(4) Girls I See Beenie Man
3(3) How Could You Luciano
4(N) Heathen Back Dey Cocoa Tea
5(2) It's Me Again Jah Luciano
6(6) Politics Time Buju Banton
7(9) Hol You Tonite General Degree
8(7) Medley Luciano
9(10) Reason Lady Saw
10(N) Hey, Hi and Hello Terry Ganzie

Toronto Top Ten
1(3) Ole Dog Beenie Man
2(4) Not An easy Road Buju Banton
3(1) No More Blood Have To Run Nicky Silk
4(2) Operation Willy Buju Banton
5(7) You Must Be An Angel Lukie D
6(5) Boom Ball Frankie Paul
7(6) Father God Rule Ragga Ranks
8(8) Respect My Boundary D.M.W.
9(10) Love Season Nana McLean
10(N) Good Morning Mama Save The World

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