Anthem for the Millenium: Bob Marley's "One Love" sung by Ziggy Marley & The Gipsy Kings...

Anthem for the Millennium: Bob Marley's 'One Love' Sung By Ziggy Marley & The Gipsy Kings Is the Anthem to Worldwide New Year's Eve Broadcasting

Single Available Exclusively On Sony Classical's '2000 Today - A World Symphony For The Millennium,' With Original Score By Celebrated Composer Tan Dun

Live Performances: The Gipsy Kings Will Perform 'One Love' From Miami, Florida and Tan Dun Will Conduct the BBC Orchestra from London

NEW YORK, Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- "One Love," the global anthem for a new millennium, is the new multi-lingual version of Bob Marley's reggae classic sung by Ziggy Marley, The Gipsy Kings, Tsidii Le Loka (acclaimed South African vocalist) and members of the Boys Choir of Harlem. The single is available exclusively on the Sony Classical soundtrack 2000 Today, official soundtrack to the MILLENNIUM 2000 broadcast event featuring the original score by celebrated composer Tan Dun.
Tan's score will be the centerpiece for the television programming. His scoring reflects the multicultural breadth of the project, utilizing instruments ranging from banjo, electric guitar and penny whistle to erhu, koto djembe, paiku and stones.
On the morning of December 31, 1999, MILLENNIUM 2000 will begin -- the most ambitious television production ever mounted. The broadcast will cross 24 time zones during 26 hours of programming and has a potential global audience of billions.
Live on ABC and PBS across the United States. Worldwide on the BBC.
The Gipsy Kings will perform ``One Love'' live from Miami on New Years Eve -- at 11:57 EST on PBS.
Tan Dun will conduct with the BBC Concert Orchestra in London performing the overture & finale to ``A World Symphony for the Millennium.''
This unprecedented collaboration between 57 worldwide broadcasters will follow the celebrations as millennium events unfold -- from Chile to Japan, Auckland to Miami, France to Fiji, the MILLENNIUM 2000 broadcast even will unite parties and prayers around the whole world as the sun sets on the twentieth century and rises on a new Millennium.

SOURCE: Sony Classical

Posted: Mon - February 3, 2003 at 12:00 AM