Roskind: Healing of the Nations August 2003

Greetings, Everyone

    We have just returned from 3 weeks of camping in Northern California and Oregon, where we visited various gatherings and met with many people. First, we went to the Oregon Country Fair which was like going to a huge hippie pop-festival with a roots/reggae patina. Lot's of drumming circles, some reggae. Then we went on to the World Music Festival in Grass Valley. Again a very good vibe, with musician from all over the world. The emphasis was more on the music than the message. At night there were large drumming circles at the campground.

   We meet with Bob Platt, who held his "International Forgiveness Day Celebration" in Golden Gate Park featuring reggae group Culture this last weekend ( We also met with Jim Dincalci who teaches forgiveness workshops ( We spent a week at Mt. Shasta where we met with Kerrie Wilson who is putting together a solutions-oriented festival to take to colleges ( She is working with Ereana Reil Nygard who works with the traditionalist Hopis and she is teaching solutions in sustainable living systems (www.livingsystems).

    Then, after catching Culture in Santa Cruz, we had a booth at the San Francisco Caribbean Festival, where we made some contacts with Sharifah Ishan and Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey who run the Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC) in Oakland, CA (, a non-religious, non-political community based organization with the mission of "eliminating violence from the lives of our children, our community and our selves." They are interested in having us and Abijah bring our "One Love/Fire of Forgiveness Concerts" to the Bay Area.

    Though we could not attend, Abijah, along with our Jamaican friends Sharon Chambers and Sister Chirya, went to Oxford, England to do a One Love Concert for The Living Values Educational Program (LVEP) Annual Conference ( This organization teaches values to children worldwide.

    Through all of this, it confirmed to us that there are a few but growing number of people committing to heal the planet all in their own powerful way with Oneness from the heart. All are working on changing consciousness into a more loving, human-oriented direction knowing that it is this change that will eventually lead to solutions to many of the problems and injustices we now face. It is not a large group but a large group is not needed. People are hearing the message and responding. It is growing.

    What's next? We are planning the "One Love: Healing of the Hopi Nation" on the Hopi reservation in Sept or Oct. It is part of their 1100-year old prophesy that their tribe would begin a healing before a global healing would begin. Also planning to bring the vibe to Fayetteville, Arkansas as well as the SF Bay Area this fall. Also planning more concerts in Jamaica and,hopefully, a large free concert in Kingston on Bob Marley's birthday featuring many conscious reggae artists. More details to follow as well as a new Website with more info plus video footage of the One Love Concerts.
    We will have a booth and be speaking at Camp Reggae ( in the Georgia-Tennessee mountains August 29-31. Join us if you can.
One Love and stay in touch,
Robert, Julia & Alicia Roskind
Authors of Rasta Heart:A Journey Into One Love and The Gathering of the Healers:The Healing of the Nations

Posted: Tue - August 5, 2003 at 03:09 PM