Greetings, everyone

Tuesday I leave for Jamaica. Julia and Alicia will be joining me in two weeks. We have organized 10 free Gathering of the Healers Concerts around Bob Marley’s birthday week throughout the island at almost every major college or university and at several large high schools. Appearing with me will be Abijah, one of Jamaica’s most popular young reggae artists and a true “One Love Tribal Drummer.” Reggae artists Luciano and Denroy Morgan (Morgan Heritage), Antonnette Haughton (UPP president and candidate for Prime Minister) and several others well known healers will join us, as they are available. We have also invited, and are waiting to hear from, reggae artists Beres Hammond, Tony Rebel, Chinna Smith, Warrior King and Dean Frazier.

This year’s Gathering of the Healers, whose theme is “One Love/ Big Up The Youths,” will be a combination of performances and speakers (healers) discussing with the audience the healing qualities of forgiveness and sharing the vision of Jamaica healing itself as a society. Our mission is to encourage Jamaicans to be the first country to heal itself by individuals healing their personal relationships through love and forgiveness. In essence, to live Bob Marley’s words--not just listen to them. We will ask every student attending to forgive or ask forgiveness from at least one person in the days and weeks following the concerts. Our hope is that with tens of thousands of youths hearing this message, it will begin a wave of One Love and forgiveness spreading over the island.

Concerts, open only to students and faculty, are being held at the following schools: University of the West Indies (UWI), Edna Manley School of Performing Arts, Mico Teachers College, College of Agriculture Science and Education in Passley Gardens, Unity of Mobay, Denham Town High School, Haile Selassie High School, Montpelier High, Mobay High, and Unity of Mobay.

That Jamaica might actually heal itself from within is possible. Around the world, Jamaicans are known for their love. Bob Marley, Rastafari and reggae music, three global expressions of One Love, have all originated from Jamaica. Also, love often finds its most fertile ground, not among the rich and powerful, but among those economically disenfranchised as exhibited by the work of such great teachers of love as Jesus, Gandhi, Dr. King, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu and Mother Teresa. Also, it is the young, the most hopeful and idealistic, which usually give birth to most renaissances in thinking and paradigm shifts.

That Jamaica might set an example for the world in healing their society by individuals committing to healing their personal relationship is possible and definitely worth the effort. It’s really a “no-lose” proposition. For everyone joining us, their own life becomes more healed no matter what the national outcome.

Should be a interesting month. I’ll send out the next update when we return.


One Love, Robert Roskind (Ras Kind)

PS Our site ( is getting a complete overhaul in a few days. Check it out. The Gathering of the Healers: The Healing of the Nation, our sequel to Rasta Heart, is now available on the site for less 50% on from the link below.