Date: Tue Nov 23, 1999
Subject: new "War" version FYI

Dear RAW friends,

Many of you are familiar by now with the work of my partner on the "Complete Wailers 1967 - 1972" series, Bruno Blum. His version of "War," utilizing His Majesty's actual speech to the United Nations, has been a mainstay of many RAW members' radio shows. He has just sent me the following information about his newest project, and I pass it along at his request. One Love, Ras RoJah

AVAILABLE NOW on Rastafari Records:

sung by Buffalo Bill (great young singer from Trench Town, and a close friend of the Marley Family), featuring Haile Selassie I & Bob Marley's voice (spoken comments). This is a new version of Bob Marley's classic song, forcefully sung on a new remix of the classic Wailers' "War" riddim used for the Haile Selassie I 1999 hit (Haile Selassie I original U.N. "War" Amharic speech backed by the Wailers, featuring Bob Marley quotes on Haile Selassie I).
bw/WARMONGERS (an original song by Buffalo Bill).
(Vinyl single) RAS 03

It is a fine version of the song by a young artist with an unmistakably unusual high-pitched voice. Although it did not happen for $ reasons (Bill was too far away from the tour in 1998, and among other ephemeral vocalists, a local European Rastaman was used for a short while) Buffalo Bill was once planned to join old friends the Wailers Band (thus replacing Junior Marvin). Culture-inclined selectors will find this fresh fully-sung version of the Bob Marley classic, which includes the instantly recognizable intro featuring H.I.M. Haile Selassie I's voice as well as Bob Marley's statement 'Peace- Rastafari is the Prince of peace' found on the previous 'War' versions.

Cut in a world where over fifty lamentable wars are fought right this minute, B-side 'Warmongers' is a truly great original tune recorded over another fresh remix of the solid Wailers Band riddim. Among articulate bomb and machine gun sounds, it features Buffalo Bill's singjay vocals (a mixture of DJ style and soul reggae style) warning the increasing amount of warmongers today that they 'will have to pay.'

Please let the world and cyberworld know!

Buffalo Bill: lead vocals.
Haile Selassie I, Bob Marley : sampled vocals.
Earl "Wire" Lindo : organ.
Aston "Family Man" Barrett : bass, electric piano.
Bruno Blum : guitar, backing vocals.
Tatiana Prus : backing vocals.
Michael "Mikey Boo" Richards : drums.
Norbert "Ranking No" Nobour : afuche, tambourine, bongo, bell.

This new 45 RPM vinyl record is distributed by Patate Records and is also available directly from Rastafari Records at:

Buffalo Bill is currently on tour in chilly Northern Germany, but he is available on the telephone.


Bruno's e-mail changed a year ago to:

I provided the initial tape to him of Selassie's 4 Oct 63 speech to the U.N. The left channel was His Majesty's voice, the right was the English translator. Bruno recorded with Wya, Mikey Boo and Fams in Jamaica, a new backing track for "War" and laid the speech on at Abbey Road in London. He used some of "Selassie Is the Chapel" too, repitching it with a computer so that it would fit perfectly into the song, and also added some clips from well-know Bob interviews. It's a wonderful piece of work - respectful, ground-breaking and unique.