April Fool Dancehall song

From the Kingston Times-Tribune:

"Not since "Sleng teng" has there been a record to rock the airways and dancehalls like Mega Buju's "Gal (You Look Good Y'Know", which heads into its record fourth month atop the Jamaican charts. The story behind the record has already become legend. As Mega Buju explains:" I'd come in from country to get a little inspiration, me and Barry (producer Barrington Lindo) were trying to make a new sound and not gettin' too much of success. So we come into Kingston to work and I was staying at the Pegasus and early one morning I wake up ca' dem was doing construction work next door. Me hear the jackhammer and all dem kind of ting and me jump up ca' this was the idea we was seeking". Armed with a little cassette recorder (and still in his night shirt) Mega went out on the construction site, turned on the recorder, "and that was it y'know, whole thing was there", even the now-famous vocal sample which Barry laughingly explains as "the electrician was vexed at some other guy who covered up his outlets!" By nine that morning Mega and Barry were in Clarence "Chubby" Brown's studio, looping the tape. Laying the vocal track was no problem either: "When you look pon it all deejays den try fi say the same thing but in different ways, so my idea is just to say the same thing!"

Thus the lyrics were trimmed down to the famous phrase "Gal you look good y'know" repeated every fourth bar. At first the record was lost among the flood of new releases but then Mega says: "I was at this club and some tourist guy was complaining that all the songs sounded the same way, so I get another idea". Back again at Chubby's, Barry and Mega put their song on a special five hour looping tape. "The next night we took it down to the club and play it, pure "Gal" tune the whole night. After a while the people start to really love it, and when it finish noone want to go home". Thus the first "all-inclusive" record was born, and based on huge club popularity, "Gal" zoomed to the top of the charts. It's literally the only song you can hear in a Jamaican club these days "it's a good tune, why would you want to hear something different?" But that wasnít the end of Mega's innovations. "Me personally have gotten tired of all these selectors and their "wheel and pull up" business." Thus at a big clash at Buffalo Bay Mega's selector Linford not only lifted the arm off the dub plate, he picked up the entire turntable and threw it out onto the dancefloor. The result: pure pandemonium. "Everybody love that. Next day the whole town talk about how Linford dash wey all the competition" Thus the "Mega Pull Up" has become a feature of every stage appearance, progressing to the point where selector and crew fling tutntables, mixers, and amplifiers into the crowd. "I like to create that excitement, it's funny cause the crowd never minds waiting while the equipment get fix!"

Although he's now a household name in Jamaica, Mega has no plans to rest on his laurels "We have Gal Version 2 ready fi release". And after that? "Gal 3, 4, 5, 6" Mega laughs, counting on his fingers:"We record a whole hour on that construction site!"

Posted: Fri - December 12, 2003 at 01:20 PM