Panache Culture: Travel In A Dream - a review

Subj: Panache Culture: a review
From: (Papa Pilgrim)
Date: 1/23/95 Time: 10:37:42 p

Panache Culture
Travel in a Dream
RUNNetherlands Music, CD

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Much like teachers pasting pretty stars on the foreheads of good student's, reviewers are often asked to "paste" stars atop their reviews. Zero stars is probably a no-no (why listen to, let alone review an album that bad) and five stars is likely overused, hence, almost meaningless. So, let's go for six! stars for Panache Culture's second album This group of seven is aptly named with family roots extending to Morocco, Senegal, Italy, Greece and Belgium. Add studio session musicians from Jamaica, England and Zaire and "culture" is truly "multiculture."(*) Travel in a Dream is an exciting new album with suggestions of New Age and more than a touch of Middle Eastern musical styles. With a certain flamboyance they rootically romp through nineteen vocal, instrumental and dub tracks giving us 75 (*) minutes covering the entire continuum from classical roots to 90's Ragga.(*) Harmonies are tight and precise, instrumentation is authentic and the lyrics are reality-based.(*) Though the names of the principal performers are unfamiliar (Hamra Hassan, Hamra Mohammed and Hamra Aftah), a sense of balance is achieved when we see special guests Rico Rodriquez, Michael "Bammie" Rose, and Supa Ranking.(*) Lastly, Travel in a Dream is overdubbed at the Ariwa Studios and mixed by the Mad Professor.(*) Count 'em: six stars. What more can I say?

Distributed in the USA by Ernie B's Reggae and RAS Records.
[RUNNetherlands, PO Box 900, 6200 AX Maastricht, The Netherlands]

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