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Date: 3 Mar 1995 02:39:16 GMT

Here's a review previously published in Reggae Report Magazine:

Foreign Exchange
1st Step Records Ltd. CD

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Lyrically "How much longer can you hold down the fort/Before the walls come tumbling down" sets the tone, tempo, and temper for at least a third of Foreign Exchange's debut album, Iconoclast. The theme of "The Fort" continues on "Holocaust" asking "Don't you think it's a ga'dam shame/We are waiting for the holocaust" and "Divide and Conquer/That's his strategy." The remaining two thirds of the album sings of love lost ("New Plan," "Point of No Return," and "Ela Kryszto"), love gained ("This Love"), and mystic-philosophy on "Stranger" and "Mystic Dread." Wrap it up with the uplifting, get-off-your-feet and "Dance," ten tracks by two of Reggae music's most talented siblings Paul and Peter Tulloch.

Lead vocalist Paul was formerly with the Brooklyn-based group Souljahs, and bassist Peter was with the Bronx's Chinafrica. Iconoclast is the first time these Jamaican born brothers have collaborated on an album project. Paul and Peter strive for an originality of style, unlike nothing yet similar to everything. I hear lover's and militant rock, roots, dancehall, harmonies, deejay combination raps, and some of this and some of that, all nicely mixed with a smoothness that flows lightly through the entire album.

Each track on Iconoclast stands alone. As a radio deejay I can confidently select any track at random and have confidence in knowing that listeners will be pleased. And so will you!

(1st Step Records, Ltd., PO Box 020820, Brooklyn, NY 11202-0018 718-857-81210).
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