Carlton Barrett in Modern Drummer magazine

Carlton Barrett honored by Modern Drummer Magazine
From full-page review by Adam Budofsky of "Exodus" by Bob Marley and the
Modern Drummer magazine, March 2003, page 148

"Theres a point in 'Natural Mystic,'  the lead-off track of Exodus, where we
hear an almost sub-sonic bass drum note accent (on the 1, of course). It's a
subtle touch, no doubt, but an effective one, and a telling one......The band's
smash American crossover, Exodus features several classic cuts.....each of
which is brijmming with invention, soul, and big, open sonic spaces.  Drummer
Carlton Barrett's beats are some of the most profound ever recorded.  Steady,
playful, dramatic, teasing.  Carly's licks of course cannot be separated from
the rest of the instruments here....Still, close inspection of Barrett's kit
playing is research worthy of a college degree...."
edition of "Exodus" with live and alternate versions

Posted: Sat - February 8, 2003 at 02:27 PM