Reggae in Chile

From: (Bush Doktor)
Subject: Reggae in South America
Date: 18 Dec 1995 23:21:24 GMT

This is a nice letter I received that I thought others in RMR might like to see. I've put this and a little mini review of bands from S. America on my web page.

From: "Richard Pollmann S." <>

Greetings in the name of Light, Magic and Oneness.

Dear Bush Doktor:

Reggae is the remedy for all kinds of illness, so we cure people with riddim, drum & bass, ya'know.

Down here in Chile, South America, the Reggae vibe has been growing along the Rasta vibe, as most people know only Bob Marley. But as things change by the minute, thanks to artists like Inner Circle, Pato Banton, El General, Los Pericos and Apache Indian, people are getting used to the riddim and the vibe.

The local scene in Santiago is small, but most groups make their own music with a few covers, and there is not one group that plays only covers. There is about a docen groups that play mostly roots, and a little pop (ub40), but most musicians are Rastas so the message and the music is strictly roots. Most groups have been together for a year or so, and are semi-pro, but a couple of groups have been around much longer. Gondwana is perhaps the oldest group alive, and they've been together for about 4 years.

Rasta in Chile has had an steady and slow uprising, but there isn't yet an organization to spread Rasta knowledge in town. Most young people interested in JAH get as much knowledge they can from the muzik. But,as always, we are working to gather all Rastas together,get to know each other, and start some sort of cultural organization to spread the teachings of Haile Sallassie I, and specialy, the concept of I&I.

We have access to muzik from Chile and other Countries in South America, so if Bush Doktor is interested, please let I know. I&I come forward again soon. 'till then JAH bless and guide and protect.

"Light like a feather, heavy as lead"

Doctor Reggae
Red I
Richard Pollmann S.

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