Curtis Mayfield Reggae covers

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Subject: Re: Bob 'n' Curtis
Date: 24 Oct 1996 10:40:17 -0400

P.S.: At the end of my Mayfield article I acknowledged contributions of some members of this newsgroup, but just in case they don't read Beat magazine (gasp), thanks to Matthew Moore, Al Rocksteady Katz, Juha, Homemaker J, TimRas, Hannu Jokela, and Robert Nelson for their contributions to the Mayfield/ Jamaican Covers discography.

PPS: Here's my list of Mayfield songs that were covered in some form by Jamaican artists:

Another Dance
Closer Together
Gypsy Woman
I Made A Mistake
I'm So Proud
I'm The One Who Loves You
It's Alright
I've Been Trying
Keep On Moving
Keep On Pushing
Little Boy Blue
Move On Up
My Woman's Love
Never Let Me Go
People Get Ready
Minstrel In Queen (as Queen Majesty)
Sad Sad Girl & Boy
Ten to One
This Is My Country
You Must Believe Me

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From: Gregory Stephens <>
Subject: Re: Bob 'n' Curtis

Curtis Mayfield was probably Bob Marley's biggest musical influence. In a recent Beat interview, Bunny Wailer admits that they cribbed the lovely arrangement for "I'm Hurting Inside" directly from the Impressions. Many writers and contemporaries have observed that the early Wailers were basically "an impression of the Impressions." Bob's admiration for Curtis Mayfield continued a long time. A famous photo from around 1969-70 shows Bob in an Afro, leaning against a pole, and wearing exactly the sort of glasses that Curtis was
wearing at the time. In this light, frequent borrowings and re-shaping by Bob from Curtis is hardly surprising.

M.C. Gregory

Posted: Thu - February 13, 2003 at 03:48 PM