Rock Steady Discography - Papa Lee

Rock Steady Discography - Papa Lee O'neil

There are a couple qualifications first. Very few of the single artist collections contain only rock steady. Since the style only lasted a couple of years and people continued to record ska into early 1967 and some folks date the earliest reggae recordings to late 1967 it is hard to find a "pure" rock steady collection. Artists tend not to respect categories the way collectors and historians do.

The same thing is even more true for the multi artist compilations. There is a ton of great Studio One rock steady but much of it is found on reggae or ska collections. This discography is heavily oriented towards Studio One and Treasure Isle, partly because that's the way it was and partly because that's what's (far) more available today.

Rock Steady Discography

Boothe, Ken - More of Ken Boothe (Studion One)
Boothe, Ken - Mr Rock Steady (Studio One)
Boothe, Ken - A Man & His Hits (Studio One)
Buster, Prince - Judge Dread (Prince Buster)
Clarendonians - Clarendonians (Studio One)
Dekker, Desmond - Original Reggae Hit Sound (Trojan)
Dekker, Desmond - Music Like Dirt (Trojan)
Dekker, Desmond - Rockin' Steady (Rhino)
Dillon, Phyllis - One Life to Live (Lagoon)
Ellis, Alton - Mr Soul of Jamaica (Treasure Isle)
Ellis, Alton - Sings Rock & Soul (Studio One)
Ellis, Alton - Cry Tough (Heartbeat)
Ellis, Alton - Best of Alton Ellis (Studio One)
Gaylads - Rock Steady with the Gaylads (Studio One)
Gaylads - Soul Beat (Studio One)
Heptones - In Love with You (United Artists)
Heptones - Fatty Fatty (Studio One)
Heptones - On Top (Studio One)
Melodians - Swing & Dine (Heartbeat)
Morgan, Derrick - Tougher Than Tough (ROIR)
Paragons - My Best Girl Wears My Crown (Trojan)
Paragons - On the Beach (Treasure Isle)
Paragons - 20 Golden Hits (Lagoon)
Termites - Do the Rock Steady (Heartbeat)

Multi-artist compilations

Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd Productions

Get Ready Rock Steady (Coxsone 8007)
Mojo Rock Steady (Heartbeat 134)
Musical Fever (Trojan 408)
Ride Me Donkey (Studio One)
Rock Steady Coxsone Style (Coxsone 8013)
Sounds of Young Jamaica (Gold Wax 0004)

Duke Reid Productions

20 Greatest Hits of Treasure Isle (Sonic 0041)
Ba Ba Boom Time (Trojan 285)
Cultural Things (Lagoon 1011)
Depth Charge (Lagoon 1071)
Duke Reid's Treasure Chest (Heartbeat 95/96)
Gems from Treasure Isle (Trojan 206)
Golden Hits (Treasure Isle 003)
Here Comes the Duke (Treasure Isle)
Hottest Hits Vol. 3 (Treasure Isle)
Hottest Hits Vol. 2 (Treasure Isle)
Hottest Hits Vol. 1 (Treasure Isle)
It's Rockin' Time (Trojan 279)
More Hottest Hits (Heartbeat 109)
Top Rock Steady (Lagoon 1070)
Wake Up Jamaica (Trojan 331)

Miscellaneous & Mixed Producers

Catch This Beat (Island 7)
Feel Like Jumping (Receiver 111)
Put On Your Best Dress (Attack 109) Sonia Pottinger productions
Reflections of Rock Steady (Micron 0088)
Riding the Musical Chariot (Heartbeat 58) Derrick Harriott
Rock Steady Intensified (WIRL 1060)
Rock Steady Rave (Charly 8477)
Rock Steady Explosive (Heartbeat 72) Joe Gibbs productions
Step Softly 1965-72 (Trojan) Derrick Harriott productions

Not strictly rock steady but too valuable to omit:

Pressure Drop (Mango)
Tougher Than Tough: Story of Jamaican Music (Mango)
Trojan Story Volume 1 (Trojan)

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