Ras Rojah: Jamaican musicians stop the war

Only the music can stop the war...
The world continues to choose sides as President Bush continues his efforts to build a coalition for an eminent attack on Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Not to be left out Jamaica's Prime Minister PJ Patterson has summoned his most brilliant military minds and political analysts to direct him as to what Jamaica's position should be in the conflict. It is understood that the invited includes, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier Jerry. Top Army men General Trees and Colonel Jose Wales. Admiral Bailey and Admiral Tibet will represent the Navy.
The Air force will be represented by General Degree and top gun Lieutenant Stitchie.
Major Mackerel will be the lone representative of the Jamaican Marines.
It is also understood that The Jamaican Secret Service will have one of its top agent, the very
stealthy Ninja man in attendance.
University Lecturer and chief political analyst Professor Nuts will provide an academic perspective
on the conflict.
It is also rumored that other top ranking military officers such as Shabba Rankin and Cutty Rankin have also been invited. The date and location of the meeting was not disclosed.

Posted: Fri - May 30, 2003 at 09:11 PM