Scientist Rids The World of the Evil Curse of the Vampire

From: (Juha Vaahtera)
Subject: Re: Calling All DUB-heads.......
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 05:43:39 GMT

On 28 Oct 1996 19:42:29 -0500, (Reggaexx) wrote:

>Is anyone familiar with the Scientist LP Rids the World of the Evil Curse
>of the Vampire? What is that album the dub version of? There is a lot of
>sampling of a singer throughout the LP and it sounds wicked!!! Please let
>me know if you have any ideas!
>John Knott
>After All's Reggae Revolution
>91.1 WHFC - Bel Air, MD

This album's vocal parts come from such stars as Michael Prophet (Junjo produced, self titled album), Johnny Osbourne (Never stop fighting-album) & Wailing Souls (Firehouse rock). It features nice horror cover art from Tony McDermott, the designer of Greensleeves - who can only be compared to Limonious & Jamaal Pete. The greatest reggae album designers of all time.

Juha Vaahtera

From: Robert Nelson <>
Subject: Re: Calling All DUB-heads.......
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 16:22:08 -0700

Juha Vaahtera wrote:
> On 5 Nov 1996 06:30:07 GMT, wrote:
> >One track in particular is my personal favorite!! Your Teeth in My Neck is insane - does anyone know what the original song is? Where to find it?

> FYI: Your teeth in my neck - subtitle of the Roman Polanski vampire
> movie Dance of the vampires!

Or is it Fearless Vampire Killers? Bad Brains do a song with that title too.
> The vocal track is Michael Prophet's (Michael Haynes is real name,
> btw) Love And Unity. It's on self-titled album on Greensleeves (GREL
> 27). I think it's on CD, too.

It is on CD; along with Righteous are the Conqueror. Excellent sounds from the Holy Trinity: Scientist, Roots Radics and Junjo Lawes.


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