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From Tue Feb 11 09:47:02 1997
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 10:39:06 -0400
Subject: Welcome back-my bootlist

Greetings! I thought you be a travelin. last I knew you said no promises and
then you were gone. So I figured you must've had some travelin shoes on. Hope
the trip went well.

You wrote:
>>It did mean though that I got on better equipment and was able to reduce
the tape noise. Enjoy the only performance of "Lion of Judah" that I know of.<

Wonderful news. I have I think a performance he did at the One Love Peace
concert of "Lion of Judah" if its the same as "Conquering Lion" :

Lion of Judah, will break every chain
Conquering Lion, will break every chain
Lion of Judahhh, etc.

Same? If so I have another live performance. Can't wait to hear yours tho.

Jah Lives is hard to find live, its on the One Love concert, but not everyone
who has that concert has that song. I have a poor quality of it on another
tape apart from my One Love concert.

>> wish he was more talkative between songs - maybe because it's France). <

I have a great tape where he talks his head off! : D. Tosh is performing in
Jamaica in 1983 I think. On side B he takes about 10 minutes and talks away
and then there's drumming in the background. Its really great! On side A he
yaks too. I mean pontificates, I mean, er, preaches, er, anyway, he gets on a
soap box on that tape. Its a great performance too. Lots of percussion. Tom
McCowan m.c.'s it. "Are you ready for the Bush Docktahhh?!"

>I would like to know what other live tapes you have. I would like to expand
my collection, incl. a 74-75 Marley performance, and other artists.<<

What other artists do you have in mind? I have some other artists that are
boots but its non-reggae, like King Sunny Ade (I love those guys) John
Coltrain/Miles Davis. But I need more reggae boots myself. I'd love some
burning spear, especially in the early 70s, and some others, Higgs, Perry,
etc. Here's my bootlist, its partial, I left off the non-reggae stuff which
wasn't that big anyway:

56 Hope Rd variety club performances 90 min
Ambient Dub Mix 1995 90 A
BMW Rehearsals recorded May 31st 1978 in USA: 78m A-
(this is fun, you can smell herb on the tape, I mean your there)
"Japan!" taped from CD 79 w/interv segs & Rita M. 90m
Bob in Providence, R.I. 9/80, next to last show: 90m
Last Show "Ever Faithful Ever Sure" Stanley,, PA 9/23/80
Leeds, London 1973 45m (Excellent, its not a polished performance and thats
why I like it, real initmate)
Matrix Club, San Fran: Oct 30, 1973: 90m
Paris Theatre, 1973: 45m
Roxy, LA 1976 B- (poor sound) 90 min.
Quiet Night Club, Chicago 6Jn75 (64) min A
Redemption: various demos/studio rehearsals: 1973-80: 90m
Central Park NY Schaeffer Music FEst Nov 76 90min B (its a high energy show,
but the first three songs are poorly recorded, tho not poorly performed. The
rest comes in good and I really love it after the third song, its a great
Songs of Freedom set (three 90 min tapes or 270m)
1984 (Oct 7) KCRL 5th Anniversary(one tape 70 min) rarities
1985 (May) KCRL Reggae Beat Trib R. Steffans (A++) 240 min
(rarities and interviews) (I got this from Roger so its top sound)
1985 (Feb) KCRL Reggae Beat Birth R. Steffans (A) 240 min
(rarities: like the drum jam on the back of Salassie in the chapel done by
the wailers & interview w/ Stephan R. Davis, more)
1987 KCRL Reggae Beat Tribute R. Steffans (A+) 240 min
(rarities and Tyrone
79 Wounded Lion Sess SBD (60) /1977 Sons of Jah Rehearsal
SBD & Phone interview:1980 w/DJ in VT (30) = 90 min
In Conversation (taped from cd-45m)
Restaurant Interview 11/79 45 min (fascinating)
Celebration of BM -rarities 42M From Japanese cd boot (jinglin keys, She used
to call me Dada, more) CD- A
Aniversary of BM-rarities 41M CD- B (the cuts chosen on some of these were
poor in quality, the tape as a whole is okay)
New Birth of BM-rare 40 M (Misty, Top Rankin) CD- A

Both Tosh/Marley:
Peter Tosh and BM- rarities (snippets of interviews and music from radio
stations and other boots) 35 M A

KZEL Eugene Or (interview and live accoustics) 45m 1980 A
Live at the Beacon Theatre 76 B (the Beacon theatre has poor accoustics I
think, this tape has echo problems) 90 m
Live at Bottom of the Line Club 79 from WNEW-FM NYC 90 min
Live in Montego Bay, JA 1983? 75m (this is the one mentioned above)
Interview in Jamaica 1978 w/Peter Simons, flip side has Reggae beat
interivews and music of Peter's w/Roger Steffans 50 min (with fillers 60
min.) A
1977 CBS Vaults SBD A 45m
Remedies for Babylon, Montereaux France 1979 A 90 min (you have)

I have a rare interview coming in from Swaziland, Africa where Peter did a
radio interview there. Its on the way. But as to quality and such, I have no
clue til I get it. It may be horrid, it may be a gem. Who knows.

Bunny Wailer:
Live in LA 11-2-86 From originally taped audience boot of Bunny's show B 90
min (this is the only Bunny I have since he does so few live, I enjoyed it,
but some idiot in the audience spends 5 minutes talked through one of Bunnies
songs despite pleas from those around him to cool it. Thats why I gave it a B
rating. It improves later on tho. Bunny is mellow and rootsy in this show.

Send me your list also, if you have a more complete one than the one you
already have. I'm doing a Tosh drawing in charcoal, hopefully it'll be done
before his b'day and I can download it to the folks who feel respect for
another great lion inna jungle.

Guidance, my friend

raw 777

From: (Jah Life)
Date: 4 Feb 1996 03:23:40 -0500

The following is a list of clashes for sale. These are not the only
tapes for sale. I have access to almost any session tape around. Lots of old session tapes from the early 80's to today. If there is anything you want that isn't here, let me know, as I can probably get it. Every week new session tapes come in. Each tape is $15.00 + S/H. Write me and let me know what you want.



Sting 1993 Beenie Man vs. Bounty Killa
World Cup Clash '94 Pt.1 Saxon-Kebra Negus-King Addies-Bodygaurd
Reggae Sunsplash '94 various artists
City Slicker: Reality Time Culture mix '95

Raddigan vs. King Waggy "T" (2/6/93)
Raddigan vs. LP International (23/11/94)
Raddigan vs. Soul Jah 1 (15/7/95)
Raddigan vs. StoneLove (25/11/95)

StoneLove - Live with Bounty Killa
StoneLove at Bermuda Industrial Union '93
StoneLove vs. Bass Odessey (8/8/94)
StoneLove vs. Rennaisance (4/4/95)
StoneLove vs. Waggy T - Reggae Wear World Dance '95
StoneLove vs. Dodyguard (?/?/?)
StoneLove vs. Raddigan (25/11/95) Same as above

Bodygaurd (18/11/93)
Bodygaurd vs. Black Cat (
BodyGaurd vs. Jamrock- Bounty vs. Beenie live (3/95)
Bodygaurd vs. Metro (7/95))
Bodyguard vs. StoneLove (SAME AS ABOVE)

Killamanjaro HI-FI (21/6/94)
Killamanjaro vs. Earth Ruler pt.1&2 (5/95)
Killamanjaro vs. Travellers (10/6/95)
Killamanjaro Re-Union 95 pt. 1- JUGGLING
Killamanjaro Re-Union 95 pt. 2- Singers: Supercat, Josey Wales+
Killamanjaro vs. Metro Media (7/95)
KillamanJaro vs. Travellers: BEENIE MAN SELECTING (16/10/95)
KillamanJaro vs. BASS ODYSSEY: BASS ODYSSEY ONLY (?/?/?)

Soul Jah1 vs. Raddigan (SAME AS ABOVE)
Soul Jah1 vs. King Firestone (?/?/?)
Soul Jah1 vs. Travellers (30/12/95)

From: (Craig Chernoff)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 21:00:30 GMT

I have a bunch of Marley and Phish. ISO High Quality Marley bootlegs. Here
is my list. Tapes only on Maxell XLII or XLIIS tapes please.

Jah Live,


Bob Marley List (

12-2-73 Sausilito, Ca
1973 Paris Theater, London, Engalnd
7-7-75 Boarding House, San Francisco, Ca
5-25-76 Roxy, Los Angeles, Ca
6-24-76 Exeter, England
1-77 Rainbow Theater, London, England
5-31-78 Tuff Gong Rehearsals
6-14-78 Sheldon, Ct
7-7-78 Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland
7-14-78 Portland
8-9-78 Santa Monica, Ca
7-22-79 Amandla Festival, Cambridge, Mass
10-25-79 Apollo Theater, New York, Ny
11-23-79 UCLA Pauley Pavillion, Los Angeles, Ca
12-2-79 Santa Cruz, Ca
1980 Germany (w/some Kaya Rehearsals)
1980 Nigeria
1-5-80 Liberville, Aabon, Africa
9-23-80 Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, Pa
4-22-78 Kingston Jamaica (One Love Peace Concert)
4-18-80 Salisbury, Zimbabwe (Zim. Ind. Day) on same tape as above

From: (MJKuelker)
Date: 19 Feb 1997 20:36:20 GMT

Would you be interested in trading one of your Marley tapes for a tape of a Tosh concert (3-14-79 @ the Bottom Line, NYC)?

--Michael Kuelker

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