Beware of Pirates! - Abrahams

Beware Of Pirates! 19/5/1999

Some of you may be aware of a guy named Abrahams operating a label of that name out of Ontario, Canada. He has issued literally dozens of albums of Bunny Lee productions, none of which he has any rights to whatsoever. About two years ago Bunny asked me to fax him to tell him to cease and desist from issuing any of his (Bunny's) products. This I did, not that it had any effect. Well, Abrahams has gone too far this time - he has started pirating entire Blood and Fire albums. 'Dub Gone Crazy' can be found on the Abrahams label under the title of 'King Tubby's Rastafari Dub 1974 - 1979', with all the titles changed up naturally, and 'Dub Gone 2 Crazy' appears as 'King Tubby's African Love Dub 1974 -1979'.

DON'T BUY THESE ALBUMS! You've probably already got them on Blood and Fire anyway. And if you're a retailer DON'T STOCK 'EM!

Blood and Fire is the exclusive worldwide licensee for all of the recordings contained on 'Dub Gone Crazy' and 'Dub Gone 2 Crazy' and we shall be pursuing Mr. Abrahams through the Anti-Piracy unit of the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

You have been warned!


Posted: Fri - February 21, 2003 at 09:47 PM