How to play Reggae Bass Guitar

From: (Scratchie)
Date: 28 Oct 1996 11:43:06 -0500

Vince Caruso ( wrote:
: Looking for a web source that will teach the rasta rydums to an
: aspiring bass player. Wanna get on the upbeat.

You'll never learn to play reggae from no web page, man!

Step one: Acquire a bunch of classic reggae, especially from the Studio One, Treasure Isle and Upsetter labels.

Step two: Listen to it every day.

Step three: Learn the basslines by ear (very few of them are difficult to figure out) and play along with the records. Over and over again. It's not enough to know what the notes are (that will take you all of ten minutes); you need to get the FEEL.

Step four: Repeat as necessary. Practice 60-90 minutes a day. In addition to playing along with the records, buy a metronome and practice scales and finger excercises until your time sense is wicked. Start out with the metronome clicking on every beat (1-2-3-4) then every other beat (-2--4--2--4) then once per measure (only on the "3"). In a couple of months you'll be swinging hard.

That's about it. There's absolutely no substitute for lots of practice.

Hope this helps,

--Art, Bassist for Dion Knibb & the Agitators

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