Garnett and Me: Lehbanchuleh

Garnett and Me
Written by Lehbanchuleh

    Garnett -- Brother, Friend, King, Messenger sent from the hand of the Most High Jah. There was never a time that he could have done something to lighten the burdens that the world placed upon others and chose not to. To this day, I have not seen a more giving person, even to the point of giving his last to those in need. Firmly rooted in the love of Rastafari, I remember that there were days when my spirit was down but he was always there to make me laugh. A brother who loved a good laugh, we exchanged jokes and it strengthened me. In my early days, I remember one day walking to the studio and only reaching a part of the way when, from out of the blue, Garnett was parked down the road waiting to take me to the studio. He even gave me money to buy lunch. When I tried to thank him, he said, "Singer, give the praise to Jah. Don’t thank me, thank the Father." I never forgot those words and never will. There were days when Garnett would earn thousands of dollars and would give it all away trying to aid those in need before he even reached home. There were other days that I would arrive at his house and the first thing he would want to know is if I was alright, if I was hungry, or if there was money in my pocket. We often read the Bible together and he cleared up a lot of misconceptions for me and helped me to understand about Elijah the First. I have never seen or known a more giving, caring person. With everything that he did, he praised the Almighty. Always speaking and reasoning on spiritual matters, whether to form concepts about songs or just for the joy of reasoning, Garnett was always willing to make the time. There were many times when he would be locked away in prayer and fasting, always enquiring of the Father. Garnett is truly a King in his own right. He is a wonderful human being, a friend, and a very strong-willed soldier who stood up for the truth even in the face of adversity. Garnett, son of the most High, was truly sent from the Father, from the Most High Jah.

    It was in the cool of the evening on a Thursday that I went to visit with Garnett who was reading a book called "The Egyptian Book of the Dead."  He called to one of the brethren to bring some natural juice for us.  We could hear the birds singing in the trees as the rays of sunlight darted through the shimmering leaves hanging over our heads. I had a Bible with me and wanted to discuss with him the interpretation of the commandments and their relevance in our world today but as I began to read, a melody came to me and I began to hum it.  Garnett immediately rose to his feet. "That's great, my youth," he exclaimed. "Do you have the words?"  "It's just one verse," I said.  He encouraged me to sing the verse.  "My son, heed Jah words, put them within your heart" and as I continued, Garnett opened his mouth and the sweetest sound came out that lifted the song in a way that I had never heard it before.  His voice and mine blended majestically.  As we continued, the song became sweeter and sweeter. 
    We were to voice the song together but Jah had other plans for his son.  I can never forget the day the news came to me.  It was the hardest bit of news that I have had to come to grips with but I know that Jah, the Almighty, would not allow this to happen unless Garnett's work in the physical had ended on this plane of existence.  I later recorded the song with Wayne Armond arranging the instruments and "Heed Jah Words" appears on the album, "Claim the Joy."  Garnett, a true firend, a king, and a brother -- you will never be forgotten.

Posted: Fri - March 7, 2003 at 11:04 AM