Larry Marshall: I Admire You In Dub & track conflict

Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 08:09:45 +0100
From: Motion Records <>
Subject: I Admire You In Dub/Yah Congo album - conflict

Track Conflicts:

I've had a couple of emails about an album called Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At Dub Table on ROIR records that contains five of the dubs from our I Admire You In Dub. We found out about this Yah Congo album about 6 months ago - Originally we were annoyed that some of our tracks had been released previously on CD when Glen Darby had told us they had not been (we only knew about Watergate Rock before). But then, when we submitted our MCPS forms (UK publishing royalty collection agency), we found that these five tracks had been registered by Glen Darby under a pseudonym (Glenford Martin DERBY) as written and published by himself.

Having changed his name he then went on to change the titles from the originals (those that appeared on the 'b' sides of various singles) and collected all of the publishing and other royalties for himself. You probably won't be surprised to learn that Larry Marshall knew nothing about the Yah Congo release. Of course Glen Darby was not the copyright holder of any of these tracks. Nor was Glenford Martin Derby for that matter. Larry Marshall had never signed any of the rights over to Darby. This episode has of course lead us to review our relationship with Derby and the matter is presently in the hands of our lawyers. We are now dealing directly with Larry Marshall.

Last year Mr Darby also facilitated the UK release of a CD album entitled 'Golden Greats' by Larry Marshall. This album was on 'Discotex Records' Cat No DTCD 30. The album appeared in the Reggae Charts so must have sold quite well. On the artwork it states 'This album was licensed from Glen Darby of Goda Productions'. The publishing royalties for this album were paid directly to Mr Darby. No MCPS forms were filled in. All other royalties were paid directly to Darby. Larry Marshall also knew nothing about this release.

It seems that Larry has been easy to take advantage of over the years - having quit the music business so completely and become a construction worker in Miami he had no idea that any of this was going on.

On a happier note check out the new home page.....looks much better I hope you'll agree!

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