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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 20:31:10 EST
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Sista Irie & the RAW community:

The bronze statue of Bob Marley in National Heroes Park in Kgn was done by Alvin Marriot in 1986. Marley's posture seems a bit "off," and the way he is depicted holding the guitar is more reminiscent of Keith Richards.

I would guess that the Hope Road statue of Bob hasn't earned accolades because it doesn't look like Bob at all. It's got him with a soccer ball at his feet and a guitar in his hand and Selassie and the Jamaican flag adorning the base of the statue -- all good so far -- but the face doesn't resemble Bob a bit.

I would imagine that some of the bad reviews are prompted by the fact that photo taking is strictly forbidden at Hope Road with two exceptions: the Bob statue and Kaya cover reproduction at the head of the gate as you enter the grounds. (In my two trips to Nine Mile, the photo policy was markedly different. In '96 I couldn't even take out my camera without having everybody from the guide to little neighborhood kids saying, "No picture, no picture!" In '98, things were far more relaxed.)

Since the Marley family members are on site at Hope Road on a fairly regular basis, I understand their request not to be photographed while they are hanging out or kicking a soccer ball around. Once, on January day there in '96, I saw Rita, Ziggy, Stephen, Damien, Julian and the Marley sisters as well as Georgie (who "made the fire light" in "No Woman No Cry") and V. Ford.

That was a good day. I was going to say hello to Ziggy at one point because he was right up near the restaurant area, where I was finishing a yummy ital lunch, but at that moment, one of his sons dropped an ice cream cone on the pavement and was bawling his eyes out.

Michael Kuelker

Posted: Mon - February 3, 2003 at 09:04 PM