Heartland Reggae - One Love Peace Concert

The so-called "One Love Peace Concert" CD-ROM is actually a recasting of the film "Heartland Reggae" made by Candians Randy Torno and Jim Lewis. The One Love concert itself took place on 21/22 April, and by the time the two thieves stood between Jesus/Bob on stage it was the 22nd. One Love was the final song of the concert, played just after Bob made Seaga and Manley shake hands. I worked with the film-makers on the project twenty years ago, and showed the first early cut to Bob when he visited with us in Hell A in November of '79, the first time he had ever seen the footage. It was fascinating to watch Bob watching Bob. After the handshake scene, we asked what was going through his mind at that moment. "I man no politician," said Bob, "But if I man a politician, only one t'ing fe me to do at dat moment - kill dem both!"

One Heart to all,
Ras RoJah

I'm not one to say anyone should be killed, but maybe this is a case where Bob is right on the money. If anyone has read Laurie Gunst's fantastic book Born Fi Dead, she goes on at length about how under the pretext of using lighting from Miami that was shipped to put on this show, hundreds of guns and ammunition was smuggled in as well to be distributed to the JLP rankings. Of course the truce between Seaga and Manley wasn't nearly as important as the truce between their cohorts like Bucky Marshall and Claudie Massop etc. That truce had to be broken in Seaga's power play and several hundred people died in the insuing gun battles. JLP won in '80 partially cuz they were better armed than PNP, thanks in part to the One Love Peace Concert.

If it wasn't so sad it would be pretty ironic. Excellent book BTW for those that haven't read it, please do.

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Posted: Fri - February 14, 2003 at 12:00 AM