Inaccuracies in Don Taylor's book "Marley & Me"

From Roger Steffens.

Among some inaccuracies in Don Taylor's tome...

* (p. 22) DT says Bob never met his father
* (p. 31) DT says it was Bob's curse that supposedly felled Leslie Kong;
Bunny's the one who told Kong not to put out a "Best of the Wailers" while they
were so young...
* (p. 33) DT says Bob & Rita produced four children

Among some dubious elements or claims in the book ....

* (p. 70 and elsewhere) DT refers to self in the third person (okay, it's just
a pet peeve of mine)
* (p. 91) "Bob almost always overpaid his musicians"
* (p. 115) Cindy Breakspeare, sez DT, didn't like Bob until he was rich
* (p. 184) DT says there was only one insider--DT himself
* (p. 207) DT refers to "all that Bob and I had worked for" ... as if they were
a duo, as if there weren't band members along...

... and it goes on. The Marley & Me book isn't without some value anecdotally,
but one ought to read it advisedly, just like anything else. DT is not the
most reliable narrator. He was a self-serving, unapologetic ex-pimp with an
eye toward making money.

Posted: Thu - February 13, 2003 at 03:49 PM