Wailers Band 1998 Lineup

e-mail from Mark Miller.

The current line-up is Aston 'Family Man' Barrett on bass guitar, Earl 'Wia'Lindo onorgan, Al Anderson on lead guitars, Michael 'Mikey Boo' Richards on drums, with Matin Batista on keyboards, the I-Too's on backing vocals, and introducing 'The Young Lion, Elan' on lead vocals.

We have a new live! cd which we are discussing licensing in Canada at the moment and we are going into the studio in March to begin recording for a new Legendary Wailers album, with mostly new material, but of course some updated BMW versions of original material.

As you know, today and tomorrow are the Reggae Sunsplash concerts in Kingston JA, and the band wish to tell all your listeners we're thinking of them, and look forward to seeing them soon.

If you think an on-air interview with me would be of any help, I worked with Bob Marley & the Wailers for three years and now I'm back helping Family Man with the bands management, you can contact me at (+33) 4 93 33 64 55.

Otherwise, give me a call in NYC Sunday night or Monday sometime.

Best wishes always, to you and all your listeners.

The Wailers Management Co.Ltd.

Posted: Mon - February 24, 2003 at 07:24 PM