Wailers didn't blow Sly Stone away - Ras Rojah

From: Rasrojah@aol.com
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 19:37:33 EST
To: raw@databack.com
Subject: Wailers did NOT blow Sly Stone off stage

Hey Robert,

You repeat a frequent error by saying that Sly Stone "booted" the Wailers for blowing him off the stage. In fact, they played four shows together in October of 1973, but the Wailers just plain failed to connect with Sly's glam-funk audience's expectations. The Wailers wore street clothes, played a style of music absolutely unexposed to Sly's fans, and sang in a patois few could penetrate. Joe Higgs, who replaced Bunny on this tour, confirms this. And recently, Family Man Barrett confirmed it as well. They were indeed left on the side of the road in Vegas sitting on their suitcases, when help came from KSAN disc jockey Tom Donohue, who brought them to San Francisco for an engagement at the Matrix, and a live taping for his station that became the bulk of the "Talking Blues" album by Bob and the Wailers a few years back.

One Love,
Ras RoJah

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