Misty In Roots: Bio

Misty In Roots have created some wicked reggae music. Their first LP, “Live at the Counter Eurovision” (1979), was played on Radio1 (UK's only national radio station at the time) by John Peel who acclaimed it one of the best live albums ever. They then released their first studio album “Wise and Foolish”, followed by “Earth” and “Musi-O-Tunya”, produced by Aswad’s ex-manager Michael Reuben Campbell.

Members of Misty In Roots are - D. Tyson Tafadzwa, W.Tyson Poko, D.Briscoe Tauwanda, D. Augustine Tendai, J.Brown Munya, A.A Henry Tsungirai, I Crossfield Kaziwai and D.McKay Ngoni.

You can read an interview with McKay by Gordon C from April 85 in the book “The Reggae Files”. C asks about a racial attack of which they were victims in London in 79, one man was killed (Blair Peach, a teacher) and a band member (Clarence) was put in a coma.

Posted: Fri - February 7, 2003 at 12:00 AM