Al G - Celebration: Liner notes by Nicky Dread

Al G - Celebration.

Al G is on a Reggae mission to uplift and bring joy to people. His latest move - "Celebration".

From the first bar you'll be gripped by the positive, modern sounds of Al G's latest collection. This is music of the present, looking to the future, never forgetting the past.

"Celebration" should inspire you to positive action, and put a bounce in your step. Don't stop, act on your dreams.

Al G's voice floats effortlessly above his musical creations, at ease celebrating his lady, or sending out a message of togetherness. He knows that there is a better way.

Musically, the album is steeped in bass, and sparkles with excellent keyboard instrumentation and tight drumming. Karl Pitterson's outstanding production work focusses Al G's creativity, and puts the sheen on the instrumentation. Al G rocks you into a rootical future.

And just in case you had forgotten, Al G reminds us that Reggae is for dancing too. "Celebration" is a conscious Reggae party, all the way. Arise, get involved today. By the way, Al G's on the other line. Can you get it?

Nicky Dread,
Guelph, ON, CANADA.

Posted: Mon - April 21, 2003 at 09:45 AM