Reggae Bands in Brasil & Argentina

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This information was asked by Papa Pilgrim and Radio Bilingue Station but I guess it may be useful to DJ's and RAW members that are looking for new reggae vibes around the world. The following is a list of reggae bands from Brasil and Argentina with Home Pages URL's and e-mails to contact them. In many cases, home pages are in portuguese or spanish but I guess you can get in contact in english or contact me for help you.

* Banda Zion (Brasil):

E-mail: ??

* Cidade Negra (Brasil): (Official)


* Edson Gomes & Banda Cão de Raça (Brasil): (Official) (My home page)

E-mail: Cão de Raça Producciones (Ms. Lena Santos) -

* La Zimbabwe Reggae Band (Argentina) (Official)

* Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina): (Official)

* Los Pericos (Argentina) (Official)

* Lumumba (Argentina): (Site of the record company)


* Morrão Fumegante (Brasil): (Fan Page)

E-mail: ???

* Nativus (Brasil): (Official)


* Omeriah: (Brasil): (Official)


* O Rappa: (Brasil): (Official) Also you can check in the Warner Brasil Home Page with info in english.


* Paunlinho Ganaê (Brasil): (Fan Page)
E-mail: Ms. Isabel Cruz -

* Tribo de Jah (Brasil): (Fan Page)

* Walking Lions (Brasil): (Fan Page)

E-mail: ???

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