Jason Wilson & Tabarruk

Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 23:30:10 -0400
From: John C Wilson <johnwilson@ica.net>
Subject: Jason Wilson & Tabarruk


JASON WILSON & TABARRUK are pleased to announce the release of their third album 'JONAH'.

10 years after the late great Jackie Mittoo helped the band to form, Jason Wilson and Tabarruk have come up with yet another truly original reggae adventure. Meshing jazz, folk and pop sensibilities to their reggae foundation Tabarruk continue to push the boundaries of their chosen genre...and make no apologies in doing so.

Tabarruk have recorded with Alanis Morissette, Jackie Mittoo, Willie Williams, and Messenjah, and they have shared the stage with UB40, Tippa Irie, Rappa Robert, Frankie Paul, Burning Spear, Pato Banton, Amanda Marshall, Culture and The Studio One Band to name a few.

Now Wilson's cousin Michael Virtue of UB40, and Rappa Robert join Jason on his latest recording. RAW members that wish to hear/review/air this new work of Tabarruk's are encouraged to reply to this e-mail, with full mailing information, and they will receive an advance copy (no charge) of 'Jonah' along with bio materials on Canada's greatest reggae secret.

For More Information contact:
55 Etta Wylie Rd. Studio #306
Etobicoke, ON
M8V 3Z8
tel:  (416) 253-7038
fax: (416) 635-1434
or visit Tabarruk's websites
www.tabarruk.com (Canada/U.S.A.)
www.iae.nl/users/jjvdl/tabarruk (Europe)

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