Ras Pidow Memorial and return to Jamaica

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 20:44:32 -0600
From: Sista Irie
Organization: Conscious Party
To: raw@databack.com
Subject: Ras Pidow memorial and return to Jamaica

from Ras Negus:

This is to inform our African Villages, that Ras Pidow, African Liberator, Teacher, Poet and Musician, passed on Thursday the 22nd of March 2001 after a brief period of illness. His remains were sent to Jamaica for internment on Sunday the 1st of April 2001. It is of vital importance for us as African People to realize that Ras Pidow and all our Ancestors who have made the transition, are not gone any where, they are still within the atmosphere, of this Universal Creation. In the meantime we are planning a Memorial for Ras Pidow Which is expected to take place on Saturday the 14th of April at the Umoja Nyumba Shule - Unity House School which is located at Garrison Street and Gwen's Fall in Baltimore, Md. You will see that Big Yellow House at the corner you just cannot miss it. The Memorial is expected to start at 10 am and continue until 4.30 pm. More information will be released as the days go by. For more information call Ras Negus at 410-483-6912 or Ras Marcus at 410-997-4983 OR 410-644-8351. Please bring many Oceans on Unity and Self -Determination to this event.
>From your African VILLAGE in Baltimore, md.

Posted: Tue - November 18, 2003 at 10:29 PM