The Ark Band: bio

From: (Ronald E Lam)
Subject: Introducing The Ark Band from Columbus, Ohio---personnel
Date: 11 May 1995 20:23:09 GMT

The Ark Band was founded in 1987 and is based in Columbus, Ohio, the Buckeye state's capital. Since its inception, the band has been a dynamic force in the reggae scene of Ohio and the US midwest.

The band"s repertoire incorporates innovative original compositions with the latest in reggae hits as well as the classics. They deliver a tight, crisp performance designed to entertain, educate and enlighten its audience.

The Ark Band is an eight piece group that plays roots reggae, high energy calypso and soca music. The band members are:-

Terry Bobb, drums, lead and backing vocals
Eustace Bobb, bass, lead and backing vocals
( This combination comprises "The St. Lucian Riddim Twins,")

Michael Scott, aka "Mikey Dread," lead and backing vocals
Mike Smith, on keyboards
Damon Arterbridge, lead and backing vocals/percussion
Michelle Iannicello, lead guitar
Neal Carrington, aka Panta, trumpet/percussion
Joel McCarthy, sound engineer

The band's lineup includes citizens of St. Lucia, Jamaica, US Virgin Islands and the US.

We have just released a ten-song CD/cassette, titled NA GIVE UP.

submitted by Errol Lam, aka roots-ee
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